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Project/task management and team collaboration tool made for G Suite

Kanbanchi dashboard Kanbanchi dashboard Kanbanchi dashboard Kanbanchi dashboard

One of the most difficult aspects of being an artist doesn’t take place behind the studio walls. It is an unpleasant, sometimes degrading aspect of your career: promotion. Nevertheless, as an artist, you need to develop a method to promote your work and still maintain your integrity. To minimize the unpleasantness of this particular responsibility, […]

Although the Color Schemer has been designed primarily for web and graphic designers, I have found it very useful in my own artwork. The Color Schemer can help artists create harmonious color schemes easily and quickly.

Almost everyone has experienced loss in one form or another at some point in their lives. After the tragedy on September 11th, most of us don’t have to look very far to find someone who has been touched by loss. For artists, learning how to recognize and cope with loss will help them in understanding […]

If you’ve ever considered going into print, there’s never been a better time. Recent statistics show the art market retail spending is on the upward march, with increasingly affluent and (hopefully) taste-conscious buyers looking to buy original and limited edition reproduction works. Until recently however, most “enthusiastic amateurs” will have been put off by the […]

There are many times when an artist is asked to compose an artist statement. Sometimes, it is in response to a specific inquiry by a gallery or collector, sometimes in response to a particular grant proposal or in conjunction with a curatorial statement or exhibition. Other times, artists just feel the need to explain their […]

The Internet has become an unavoidable fact of life. Over just the last few years we have seen radical changes in the way this new technology is changing the way we live, think and shop. Although many artists, collectors and galleries continue to have fears and concerns, even their reluctance is slowly beginning to erode […]

Visual artists are constantly worrying about what the standard artist/gallery relationship should consist of. Feeling insecure about how to handle these negotiations are natural…artists are not business people and are often ill-equipped as well as inexperienced at handling their own business affairs. Following is a set of guidelines that I recommend artists use when considering […]

There are few things in the marketplace priced as irrationally as art. As in other areas of business, pricing is mostly determined by the law of supply and demand. Most artists typically have a big supply and little or no demand. Using this most basic principle, an increase in price is only justified when this […]

I was born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia in June, 15. 1966. In 1990 I finished my studies at the Fine Arts Academy in Belgrade, (printmakers department) in the class of professor Emir Dragulj, and in the same year was admitted for the masters degree studies. In 1993 I finished my masters degree program and I was […]

Russ Heinls’ professional photography career began in Toronto where he made a name for himself photographing famous rock stars. It eventually became apparent that his creativity was being stifled by the confines of studio work. In 1990 an overpowering urge to fully explore and indulge his creativity lured him to British Columbia. Here, he fulfilled […]