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Project/task management and team collaboration tool made for G Suite

Kanbanchi dashboard Kanbanchi dashboard Kanbanchi dashboard Kanbanchi dashboard

What am I doing? Why am I doing it? And where did it come from? A personal view by PIERRE Gold Funeral Mask, Mycenae, National Museum Athens, c. 1200–1000 b.c. Metals have been found in a natural state since prehistoric times. It was the discovery of the processes of metallurgy, the treating and smelting of […]

Diplomatic Agreement The news is not in the newspapers 1992 – 1997 1991-1997 Should art glorify—and be accessible to—ordinary people? UK-based artist Piers Midwinter firmly says yes. “Anyone is capable of producing a pure work of art—but to do so, they must stay true to themselves. And what is the self? It is where each […]

In this article a case is made for the consideration of Twentieth Century art as a scientific analysis of the work of art. The avant-gardes develop an analysis of the work of art in order to determine the essence of art. The variety of styles that the three main trends generate, are a consequence of […]

THE FOUNDATIONS OF TWENTIETH CENTURY ART: 1.- THE ORIGIN OF THE AVANT-GARDS In order to understand Twentieth Century Art today, it is necessary to consider two issues: the subject who develops it and the definition of art. Regarding the creative works, we can consider the subject of that time in two aspects: firstly, because of […]