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Russ Heinls’ professional photography career began in Toronto where he made a name for himself photographing famous rock stars. It eventually became apparent that his creativity was being stifled by the confines of studio work. In 1990 an overpowering urge to fully explore and indulge his creativity lured him to British Columbia. Here, he fulfilled a lifelong desire to be surrounded by snowcapped mountains and the Pacific Ocean. His new studio and source of inspiration then became that of the great outdoors of the west coast.

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About the Author

Penny Soto is a native of California and lives and works in beautiful Pollock Pines near Lake Tahoe with her husband, Paul. Professionally painting, teaching and lecturing since 1980, she is one of the most recognized up coming artists.

Penny has had many Gallery and Museum exhibits in her career. She had received over 250 awards and honors, including the prestigious San Francisco Academy of Art scholarship award, which lead her to a career in illustration. A few of her clients include Nordstrom’s in which 26 of her “mural size” paintings are in their collection across the country, Pepsi Cola, Pacific Bell, Kaiser Foundation, Ralston Purina Corporation, Arlen Ness, Incorporation, Jamaica Plaza Corporation, American River Parkway, Sacramento, California, PGA Raley’s, The city of San Ramon, Pleasanton and San Mateo, Helen of Troy Cosmetics and others. Penny was the featured artist in the January 1996 issue of “The Artist’s Magazine”, also winning “The Artist’s Magazine competition as a finalist in 1997 with her air brush painting “Contemplation”, The Decorative Magazine 1997, North Light Books, “The Best of Floras”, 1999, and “Creative Computer for Artists”, 2002.

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Some paintings vibrate with energy. Impressionists like Monet tried to capture light. Futurists like Boccioni portrayed motion and speed. Expressionists like Van Gogh conveyed emotion and feeling. These qualities—light, speed, emotion—are variations of energy. Energy is one of the most ephemeral qualities to depict.

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D. M. Ross and the Cubist Muse



Egypt: Oil on Board
2000 – 76 x 60 cm


Guitar: Oil on Canvas
1999 101 x 76 cm

Can a school of art which burst onto the art scene almost 100 years ago still be replenished and given new vitality in a time which is a world away from the one where it first emerged? The artist, D. M. (David Martin) Ross firmly believes that it can. For him cubism is not only alive and well, it is offers new and uncharted opportunities for exploration.

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