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I was born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia in June, 15. 1966. In 1990 I finished my studies at the Fine Arts Academy in Belgrade, (printmakers department) in the class of professor Emir Dragulj, and in the same year was admitted for the masters degree studies. In 1993 I finished my masters degree program and I was admitted for assistant at Fine Arts Academy. In 1999 I became an associate professor. I have also received several domestic awards for printmaking, made eight ‘one man show’ exhibitions in Yugoslavia and also one in Germany.



During my life I travelled all around Western Europe, but visiting Holland affected my work very strongly. It was the multiple influences of the past captured in museums, the paintings of Vermeer, Rembrandt etchings, Van Gogh and the landscapes of Van Ostade, as well as the work of Villiam Klez Hede that affected me the most.



Even from my early childhood, I felt a very strong wish to recognise and somehow preserve feelings experienced by watching the real world, especially confrontations between light and dark. Ever changing light through the different objects of reality. The interplay of light and objects. It was, and still is my great wish to make the observer of my work feel the same feelings I had during printing , drawing or painting. My idea is to make a kind of ‘trigger’, using techniques and the magic of classical painting, printmaking and drawing. I believe in mastership and exellence.


My prints are old fashioned etchings, aquatint and mezzotint parts, on 100% cotton, 300 grams solid Hahnemühle (German paper for printmaking).



Paintings are on solid, usually very old wood, with oil colors , framed in hand made frames, with inserted sculptures, reliefs, gems and cameos of different kind of stones. Drawings are produced on high quality paper, painted by watercolors, tempera, and acrylics.

To find out more about Katarinas’ extraordinary work please contact the artist directly for further information.