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Scandinavian Graphic Design

Earth, water and air are dominant themes in Scaninavian contemporary graphic design, which is brilliantly explored in North by North, a lavishly illustrated new title from visual culture specialty publisher Die-Gestalten Verlag.

North by North
Scandinavian Graphic Design
edited by R. Klanten, H. Hellige, Måns Nyman

Release: October 2002
ISBN: 3-931126-91-9

What makes Scandinavian design unique? North by North explores the exceptional visual language and unconventional design approaches of this community. Showcasing a coherent selection of new, original and thriving talent from across the entire range of graphic design, North by North is set to be a guiding star.

Following on from the trailblazers of Swiss Graphic Design and Narita Inspected, North by North offers a sampler of recent developments in Scandinavian graphic design. Designers like Reala, Kim Hiorthoy and Ekhorn
Forss highlight this individual approach through illustration, spreads, covers, layouts, scribbles, posters, flyers, advertising and Web design.
This distinct approach can be defined through the use of color, naturalistic elements as well as its tendency towards abstract or minimal forms this is graphic design unlike any other contemporary design style or movement.

With over 80 contributors from the sprawling region (Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Finland and Sweden), North by North divides these procedures by aesthetic rather than country. The book includes three prefaces by Thomas Hilland, Goddur and K10K, and interviews with selected design studios offering a highly informative and inspiring look upon one of the most interesting design scene happening today.

by Robert Klanten